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Out and about with ChinaSource

The Lantern by ChinaSource Team

In addition to our online publications that provide information about the church in China, ChinaSource team members also engage with the Christian community through attending and/or speaking at various events. We’d like to highlight a few of the recent events we had the privilege of being a part of.

Shining Light on China's Cults

The Lantern by ChinaSource Team

The phenomenal growth of China’s church has, justifiably, given rise to much discussion about how Christianity will impact China’s future...Beneath the upbeat reports of the church’s growing numbers and influence, however, is the harsh reality that unprecedented growth accompanied by a severe shortage of trained leadership has left the church increasingly vulnerable to cults and heresies.

Missed Opportunities

The Need for Reflection

The Lantern by ChinaSource Team

One of ChinaSource’s core values is to be a learning organization. Centuries of Christian involvement in the Middle Kingdom provide a wealth of lessons on what has – and has not – served to advance the gospel in China. 

A New "Quarterly" and a New Website

The Lantern by ChinaSource Team

The winter issue of the ChinaSource Quarterly has just been published. In this issue we explore the spiritual journey of Chinese people who are finding Christ and growing in him through the ministry of the Catholic Church in China. Brent Fulton, editor of the Quarterly, writes in his introduction to “A Window into Catholicism in Today’s China:”

Now That China Is Number One

The Lantern by ChinaSource Team

By at least some calculations, the size of China’s economy exceeded that of the United States this month, putting China in first place. Setting aside the fine points of those calculations (which will likely be the subject of much debate for some time to come), it is clear that China’s economic rise has had far-reaching consequences –including for the Body of Christ – both domestically and internationally,.

Pray for China’s Leaders

The Lantern by ChinaSource Team

As we post this issue of The Lantern, China’s top leaders have just concluded their annual Party plenum in Beijing. During this “Fourth Plenum” they gave shape to policies that will be endorsed by China’s legislature, the National People’s Congress, in the spring.

House Churches and Cults – the Dangers of Mistaken Identity

The Lantern by ChinaSource Team

The BBC article "The Chinese cult that kills 'demons'" prompted a reader to ask recently, "Have you heard of this cult?"

Students on Our Doorsteps

The Lantern by ChinaSource Team

First it was Chinese graduate students and scholars going overseas to study. Then undergraduates joined the ranks of international students from China. Now there are thousands of young Chinese students arriving in the US for high school.

Faith and Generosity: Will the Church in China Make the Connection?

The Lantern by R. Scott Rodin

Generosity is an unequivocal characteristic of the life of a follower of Jesus Christ. It is the joyful life that flows freely and richly from a heart that has been set free by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is the way Christians bear the image of the God who "so loved the world that He gave "