From the West Courtyard

From the West Courtyard—thoughts about working and serving in China from our staff and others with experience and insight to share. 

The name comes from a Chinese phrase that was taught in an early 1900s Chinese language curriculum, “有一个人,从西院子过来,”meaning “a man came over from the west courtyard." The idea of moving from west to east, of journeying between these two courtyards, reflects our desire to root our observations in the non-western context and allow the local Chinese context to determine what is culturally normative for life and work in China. 

Opinions expressed are not necessarily endorsed by ChinaSource.   

May 6

Business as Mission or Business as Blessing?

by Joann Pittman

Are you looking to start a business to fulfill a mission or to bless a community? The latest ChinaSource Conversations podcast, “Businesses that Bless,” seeks to answer that and other questions related to doing business in China.

May 4

The New Normal for Faith-Based, Foreign NGOs in China

Key Provisions of the New Law

by Brent Fulton

The Law on the Management of Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations' Activities within Mainland China was passed on April 28, 2016 and will take effect January 1, 2017.

May 2

Factory Buddies

by Joann Pittman

We hardly even notice them anymore, and when we do, we probably either roll our eyes or chuckle. I’m referring to the ubiquitous “Made in China” labels that adorn our consumer goods. Televisions, underwear, souvenirs, computers—you name it, it’s probably made in China!

Apr 29

Himalaya: Ladder to Paradise

A Film Review

by Hannah Lau

Ladder to Paradise (2015)
Directed by Xiao Han and Liang Junjian

Reviewed by Hannah Lau.

Apr 27

4 Takeaways from Xi’s Speech on Religion

by Brent Fulton

At a long-awaited national conference on religion, held in Beijing April 22-23, CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping outlined his vision for “helping religions adapt to the socialist society” under the direction of the Party. Here are a few prominent themes from Xi’s speech.

Apr 25

Foreign NGO Management Law

How Might it Affect You?

by Joann Pittman

Earlier this month a spokesman for China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) announced that the NPC Standing Committee is scheduled to review the draft law governing foreign NGOs operating in China. 

Apr 22

Encouraged by a Chinese Missions Group

by Tabor Laughlin

A look at a Chinese, indigenous sending agency and the work they are doing to send workers out to reach the nations. 

Apr 20

Voices from the Past

A Book Review

by Brent Fulton

 Voices from the Past: Historical Reflections on Christian Missions in China by Andrew T. Kaiser.

Reviewed by Brent Fulton

Apr 18

Adoption Stories

by Joann Pittman

There were a couple of adoption stories out of China in the past few weeks that caught my eye. The first was an article in Christianity Today about the drop in global adoptions, as reported by the US State Department in their Annual Report on Intercountry Adoptions.

Apr 15

Not Enough Hands

by Christie Reenders

My love for China started in 1973 when I was adopted by Chinese immigrants in America. My heart for adoption sent me to China in 2007 to welcome my adopted Chinese daughter into my family. These two elements of who I am brought me and my family to live, breathe, and become a part of China’s heartbeat in Tianjin five years ago.