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Visas for “Short Term Tasks”

ChinaSource Blog by Joann Pittman

New visa regulations and how they might affect you on your next trip to China.

New Report Highlights Roots of Religious Persecution in China

ChinaSource Blog by Brent Fulton

According to China Aid Association’s latest annual report, religious persecution in China more than doubled last year. The increase comes as no surprise, as 2014 was marked by a wave of attacks on church buildings, particularly in the city of Wenzhou and around the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang. The general social tightening that has come to characterize President Xi Jinping’s rule contributed to the pressure on religious believers, as did heightened tensions between the regime and ethnic minorities in Western China.

Worship in China

Why Place Matters

ChinaSource Blog by Brent Fulton

The destruction of churches and widespread pulling down of crosses in Zhejiang province during the past year have served to highlight the dilemma facing China’s Christians, whose numerical growth has, for the past several decades, outstripped the availability of suitable venues for worship. 

One Hundred Churches of Zhejiang

ChinaSource Blog by Joann Pittman

Due to the so-called “Church and Cross Demolition” campaign, the churches of Zhejiang Province have been in the news a lot over the past year. Whether on TV, online, or in our local newspapers, we have probably all seen heart-breaking pictures of demolished churches and crosses.

Waldorf Schools in China

Evaluating an Alternative to Chinese Schools

ChinaSource Blog by Rebecca Norman

Waldorf Schools are popping up in first, second, and third tier cities of China.

The Safety Belt of China

ChinaSource Blog by Joann Pittman

Last week I attended The Gospel Coalition Conference in Orlando, FL.

Is Compassion Conditional?

ChinaSource Blog by Joann Pittman

One of the difficult realities of life in China (or any other developing country) is the daily encounter with beggars.

Celebrating Life and Death at Easter

ChinaSource Blog by Mark Totman

This year Qingming Festival–Chinese Tomb Sweeping Day–and Easter fell on the same weekend.  While Christians around the world were celebrating an empty tomb many in China were remembering their dead and caring for tombs still filled with bones.

ChinaSource at The Gospel Coalition Conference

ChinaSource Blog by Joann Pittman

Two years ago I had the privilege of leading a workshop on the church in China at The Gospel Coalition National Conference in Orlando.

Insuring Those Who Serve

ChinaSource Blog by ChinaSource Team

Facing a medical crisis is difficult at any time. When it happens far from home, family, and familiar medical facilities it can be devastating. Having good, accessible insurance can relieve some of the concern and the financial burden of medical care overseas. One insurance provider that has been serving cross-cultural workers in Asia for years is Talent Trust Consultants (TTc).