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Call for Photos

ChinaSource Blog by ChinaSource Team

Our upcoming spring edition of the ChinaSource Quarterly deals with cults in China and we are looking for appropriate photos to illustrate this topic.

Random Observations Following a Two-Week Visit to Beijing

ChinaSource Blog by Joann Pittman

Earlier this month I got to spend two weeks back in Beijing, my former “home town.” 

The Many Faces of the Chinese Church

ChinaSource Blog by Mark Totman

The Chinese church is incredibly diverse. 

A Government Mouthpiece Reports on a Missionary Movement

ChinaSource Blog by Joann Pittman

Over the past couple of months, we have published on Chinese Church Voices a number of posts about the growing awareness of the importance and practice of cross-cultural missions by Chinese churches. 

"China Needs Priests"

ChinaSource Blog by Joann Pittman

When Father Ye Yaomin, a Catholic priest, returned to his parish in Foshan, Guangdong province in 1980 following years of persecution, his friends urged him to emigrate.

“China needs priests,” he replied.

Social Media in China (Part 3)

Tips for Using Social Tools to Connect with Chinese Colleagues

ChinaSource Blog by Joab Meyer

From the series Social Media in China

The first two parts of this series outlined the importance social media tools in China and drilled down into what makes the WeChat messaging platform so innovative.  This post will focus on practical tips for using any social tool to drive deeper connections and more effective interactions with your Chinese colleagues.

Essentials for Effective Leadership Development

ChinaSource Blog by Brent Fulton

With a plethora of Christian leader development programs on offer in China, it is difficult to know which are appropriate, not to mention which will ultimately prove effective. 

What Caught the Attention of Chinese Christians Last Year?

ChinaSource Blog by Joann Pittman

If a Christian from the West were asked what the biggest Christian news story out of China was in 2014, no doubt the answer would be the campaign to demolish church crosses in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. In fact, for many in the West, that might be the only Christian-related news story out of China they are aware of.

Social Media in China (Part 2)

WeChat: An Innovation Platform

ChinaSource Blog by Joab Meyer

From the series Social Media in China

What makes WeChat innovative is not only that it offers first rate messaging features, but more importantly provides easy access to other valuable services. 

Beyond the Crosses

Wealth, Stewardship and the Wenzhou Church

ChinaSource Blog by Brent Fulton

The forced removal of crosses from literally hundreds of churches in the Wenzhou area during the past year has called attention not only to the local government’s heavy-handed approach toward the church, but also to the phenomenon of the church buildings themselves.