Aug 18

Coming Alongside

by Si Shi (四石)

Elements of the Chinese church are passionate about participating in the great commission. There is a freshness, an enthusiasm, an excitement about taking the gospel of Christ to unreached parts of the world. To what extent should the international church, an older, more experienced church, undergird these efforts? Come alongside in a supportive role?

Aug 17

ZGBriefs | August 17, 2017

by Joann Pittman

Five Things Every New Expat Should Know (August 14, 2017, The Culture Blend)
There is nothing in the world like the beginning of a cross-cultural experience. It is a jumbled, beautiful mess of every possible emotion, wrapped in giddy wonder, coated in absolute confusion.

Aug 16

3 Questions: Remembering the Poor

by Brent Fulton

From the series 3 Questions

Brother Tom is a grassroots church planter in an Asian city. For the past twenty years he has worked with a global organization on creating access and sustainability for church planting.

Aug 16

Celebrating 20 Years

by ChinaSource Team

Reflections on 20 years of service from Brent Fulton, president of ChinaSource.

Aug 15

What Not to Say When Disaster Strikes

by ChinaSource Team

How should Christians respond when others face disaster? What should they say? What shouldn't they say?

Aug 14

Stinky Tofu and Language Learning

by Joann Pittman

From the series Learning Chinese

Earlier in the summer, I had the chance to meet a family that was in the process of moving to China. Among other things they wanted to know about resources to help their young children learn Chinese.

Aug 11

Western vs. Chinese Theology

by Tabor Laughlin

In the “Teaching across Cultures” class I took last month with Dr. Craig Ott, he had us read The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently . . . and Why by Richard Nisbett. The crux of the book’s argument is that Westerners and Asians think differently because of their different ancient roots. 

Aug 10

ZGBriefs | August 10, 2017

by Joann Pittman

Featured Article

'China has conquered Kenya': Inside Beijing's new strategy to win African hearts and minds (August 7, 2017, The Los Angeles Times)
As a digital infrastructure provider, StarTimes is helping African states transition from analog television — a technology akin to FM radio, rife with snow, static and dropped signals — to digital, which ensures high-quality image and sound. As a pay-TV company, it is stacking its networks with pro-China broadcasts. As both, it is materially improving the lives of countless Africans, then making China’s role in those improvements impossible to ignore.

Aug 9

Too Quickly to Be Astonished

by Brent Fulton

Surveying China’s extraordinary rise over the past decade, Graham Allison, in his book Destined for War, paraphrases former Czech President Vaclav Havel when he says, “It has happened so quickly, we have not yet had time to be astonished.”